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What we do

Financial Control

Ledgers, processes, transactions and people all interact with one another - sometimes thousands of times a day. It can be a recipe for disaster if not managed properly. The best finance functions work when there are robust systems in place. Designing and implementing these is an art and a science.


These days most of this work is computerised and many of the 'old school' manual processes go on in the background. Whilst this is obviously efficient, many staff rely heavily on accounting software without understanding its inner workings or interactions of accounting ledgers. The best bookkeepers understand theory and practice - that is where we are different.

Investor finance

Times are tough and banks are being choosy who they lend to. If you are prepared to give away equity in your business, we may be able to find the right long term investor(s) who can also add value to your business.

Staffing Solutions

Staff should be your greatest asset but too often they function like an overhead. We can train your existing staff to excel in their role and maximise productivity. We can vet and hire correct staff for any finance role. We can even achieve significant savings by high quality offshoring of parts of your finance function.

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